What We Do

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We are an energy project developer with a track record of success built on win-win solutions. With over thirty years of experience developing power, natural gas, oil, renewables and infrastructure projects, we develop solutions desired by regulators, customers, financial institutions and suppliers. Examples of our success range from combined cycle natural gas power plants, to cogeneration facilities, to biofuels and biomass projects, to terminal development.

Beaufort Rosemary LLC also provides professional consulting services to the energy industry and corporate clients. We leverage our corporate and project development expertise to help clients evaluate and negotiate commercial, financial and strategic aspects of their domestic and international projects. We strive to add value in every stage of the development process.

Beaufort Rosemary LLC is adept at assisting in the implementation of corporate initiatives – restructuring, transformation, systems of internal control and risk management, and strategic expansion (including mergers and acquisitions).

We work to add value to your business.